The Importance For Registering Trademark in Indonesia

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 trademark is an image, word, or words lawfully enlisted or built up by use as speaking to an organization or item/merchandise. Through brand name enlistment, the proprietor’s privileges are ensured and he can record lawful activity against unapproved utilization of the brand name.

A brand name fills in as a legitimate differentiation of a brand or item. Directorate General of Intellectual Property will affirm the brand name application and put it in the Indonesia brand name information base (WIPO). Consequently, the Intellectual Property (IP) ensure and spread the brand name as it is an organization resource.


The Company appreciates the exclusive insurance of merchandise and enterprises against cases of encroachment by other parties.When the proprietor of the brand name is in fights in court, the owner can get lawful support in instances. Based on Trademark Act No 15 of 2001, an individual or legitimate substance who initially recorded the brand name application will get the need to utilize the trademark.Having a strong and trustworthy brand name enhances the items or administrations. The organization can utilize this brand name to carry their image nearer to their possibilities.


It would take roughly 12 to two years to measure and affirm the brand name application. From that point onward, at that point, WIPO Indonesia will include the brand name in their rundowns. A candidate would need to pay for a Pre-documenting Search, Request for Registration, and Final Registration/Certificate. The expenses and charges differ contingent upon the kind of merchandise or administrations that an organization needs to acquire. However, there are no ensures that Directorate General of IP will support the application. Besides, If the Directorate General of IP denied the application, the candidate will get no discounts. Here is a step by step guide in obtaining a trademark registration Indonesia

Step 1.

Look for an Intellectual Property Right Consultant. Unfamiliar candidates require a neighborhood IP specialist with a marked Power of Attorney and Declaration of Entitlement so as to petition for the handling of their brand name enlistment application.

Step 2.

Conduct an Indonesia brand name search. This will guarantee that the brand name you mean to enlist is as per the Trademark Act No 15 of 2001. Moreover, this will ensure that the brand name isn’t in strife with strict or public requests against virtues. You have to ensure that another substance has not to register theirs comparable with your proposed trademark.

Step 3.

Finally, you have to finish the enrollment cycle. To expand the endorsement odds of your brand name application, be exhaustive in finishing the three degrees of enrollment measure. The cycle includes a formal assessment, considerable survey, lastly, the declaration substantive review, and finally, the announcement.  

In the end, brand name enlistment is significant for you and your business. To make the whole cycle of brand name enrollment application effective, contact our master IP experts at Foxip. We can assist you with expanding the odds of having your application for trademark registration in Indonesia

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