Priority right: what is it and how to claim it?

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Parties that recently had their intellectual property registered in their home countries and already have plans to expand their businesses abroad can often claim their so-called ‘priority right’. Getting priorities in the protection of your trademark, patent or industrial design, of course, sounds great. But what are exactly the benefits of this right, and how […]

At the point when legal advisors get into fights in court with one another, it will in general get a long cycle. Indonesia has in the past attempted to keep up a solitary bar relationship for legal counselors. As of late, (PAI) the Perkumpulan Advokat Indonesia/Indonesia Lawyers Association has been the one and only one. […]

How to Patent a Product in Indonesia

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Patents in Indonesia are regulated under Law No. 13 of 2016 (New Patent Law) that replaced the previous Patent Law (Law No. 14 of 2001). A patent is conceded for a time of 20 (twenty) years as from the documenting date though a simple (patent for one creation) is allowed for a time of 10 […]

Tips Before Registering Trademark in Indonesia

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As an IP Holder, You have to deliberately enroll your image or brand name on the off chance that you need to join the Indonesian market. This is the reason ; Brand name enrolling can be so dubious and clearly a long cycle in Indonesia, particularly in the event that you are an outsider claiming […]

Hearing individuals clarify what brand name is may regularly make the idea sound so straightforward. Brand name, a licensed innovation or an immaterial business resource, covers business names, images, logos, trademarks, and different parts. This brand name used to recognize the business and its items (or administrations) in the market. Organizations, particularly little and medium-sized […]

“Should you brand name your business?” that is an inquiry all entrepreneurs could relate when beginning a business in Indonesia. The appropriate response may shift from individual to individual by and large. Business owners will gain benefit from trademark registration when doing business in Indonesia. Why? Because it is a company asset. It will protect your ide, […]

 trademark is an image, word, or words lawfully enlisted or built up by use as speaking to an organization or item/merchandise. Through brand name enlistment, the proprietor’s privileges are ensured and he can record lawful activity against unapproved utilization of the brand name. A brand name fills in as a legitimate differentiation of a brand or […]