intellectual property rights

The best results are often achieved by cooperating with others. A friend or colleague may spot errors in a design plan or may notice that a newly designed logo would look way better in blue than in orange. But once one is ready to file an application for the legal protection of his Intellectual Property […]

Sometimes they come as an addition to another creation, sometimes they are a person’s main object for sale. Fact is that people sometimes create unique packaging and want to prevent others from copying it. The law offers multiple possibilities to arrange this, but which one applies depends on the features of the packaging one wishes […]

To those who are not familiar with Intellectual Property laws, the notice of living organisms being subject to Patents or comparable rights may sound strange. Biotechnological developments however have led to the ‘creation’ of hundreds of new types of micro-organisms, plants and even animals. Can the scientists creating these organisms obtain exclusive rights over the […]