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FOXIP LAW OFFICE or FOXIP for short, is a law firm focusing on intellectual properties problem such as guiding brand registration process, trademark renewal, registering trademark, patent a product in indonesia, copyright infringement and copyright protection. We do every single aspects of IP protection in Indonesia.

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Trademark Services

A Trademark is anything used to identify goods from a manufacturer. It is a brand name. Trademark could be a names, symbols, logo, or words. Trademarks are important business tools because they allow companies to establish their product’s reputation without having to worry that an inferior product will diminish their reputation or profit by deceiving the consumer.

Our services in trademark is including brand registration in Indonesia, trademark renewal, trademark registration. We also inform our clients regarding trademark cost in Indonesia. We identify, secure, protect and defend trademark rights, recognising the crucial link between IP and business success

Whatever size of company and every sector, our team always takes a business-oriented approach to trademarks. They are skilled at understanding each client’s particular scope and focus. We find this leads to better outcomes and higher client satisfaction.

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Patents Service

Our patent services include patent searches, patent application/registration process, information about patent fees, patent maintenance, oppositions and nullifications, and patent infringements. Also, we will guide you through the process of Patent Registration.

As complicated as it is, our experts will help clients in various services, including Patent Registration, Patent Search, Patent Drafting. Either you are a general counsel, IP-lawyer or litigator – we can act as a co-counsel, local counsel and act in a substantive role.

a general counsel, IP-lawyer or litigator – we can act as a co-counsel, local counsel and act in a substantive role.

To obtain a patent, your invention must meet a number of legal requirements. For example, an invention must not be publicly known anywhere in the world, not even through your own action, before the filing date.

An invention / goods is only protected by patent in the countries where the patent is applied. There is no worldwide patents.

However, worldwide protection is available. By means of an international or PCT application (Patent Cooperation Treaty), this protection can be arranged for a large number of countries simultaneously. A patent is granted for a specific time period.

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Industrial Design

Industrial Design is a creation on the shape, line of colors, composition, which given an aesthetic impression and can be used to produce a product, goods, an industrial commodity. The right of industrial design should follow local laws and regulations, and contrary to public order, religion, and morality. The protection for industrial design is granted for 10 years commenced from the filing date.

Design is now firmly centre stage in many companies and has become the fastest-growing form of Intellectual Property. We will counsel registrability for industrial design, drafting industrial design specification, preparing for filling industrial design applications, Prosecution of industrial design applications in Indonesian Patent Office, Translating of industrial design documents to Indonesian as mandatorily required,

either from English, or from French to Indonesian in no-urgent basis, recordation of the assignments and changes at the Indonesian Design Office, and monitoring and updating current status report of industrial design applications.

Our design team identifies and secures design rights for domestic and international clients. We are highly experienced in all aspects of design, and bring together expert colleagues in trademarks and patents to ensure optimum product protection is achieved

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Copywriting Services

Copyright is needed to exclude your creation from copyright infringements in indonesia. We will review materials and obtain the necessary information to best advise you on whether copyright protection is the appropriate course of action for you. Affinity will then prepare and file your application for Copyright protection with the United States Copyright Office. Please note that applications for registration should be completed before publication, or within three months of publication in order to obtain the most robust copyright protection available.

IP Litigation & Enforcement

TODAY, Indonesia’s Intellectual Property growth is one of the most promising industries. Since there is a lot of digital industries revolves around people, it is necessary to protect or enforce your Intellectual Property Rights to ensure the protection of it. Talking about litigation, this surely is not a priority choice. What we do is to evaluate the potential infringement, and also provide the strategic and tactical counsel to avoid infringement of the existing Intellectual Property. The Mediation Services is also available when our clients need it before the litigation starts.

FOXIP offers several litigation services from pre-trial investigation until the main trial events, such as:


When the litigation cases occurs, our pre-litigation research will begin to forecast and advise the potential outcome and also the probability of success. Afterwards, we will counsel the most possible outcome; either the most cost-efficient way or the wisest act.


We handle all stages of enforcement from inside the litigation of DGIP until the Supreme Court. Our attorneys have various case experiences, the right connections to handle the cases carefully, and have years of practices in prosecuting a lot of Intellectual Property Litigation Cases.




Our experts will identify what the most efficient way to handle your cases is and to optimize the resources available to get the best results. The Risk and Damage calculation is one of the most important thing in litigation. By identifying the strength and weaknesses on both sides of plaintiffs and defendants, we will get to the core of the problem. Therefore, we can get the victory as early as possible, even without the trial.


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Intellectual Property Flow

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Other Services

Do not hesitate to contact us for more inquiries and information regarding Intellectual Property or legal services.