Indonesia’s new copyright law VS Copyright holders

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Fresh out of the plastic new copyright law needs a formal lawful grievance from copyright holders. The discussion around this fixated on whether the police are equipped for acting alone, if without copyright holders’ info, given how complex offenses are. A worldwide industry-wide grumbling currently has been documented to attempt to get the police to follow up on an overall premise.

Many numbers of general complaints have been made to the police about illegal copyright infringements of intellectual property copyrights. The complaints concern illegal infringements at Karaoke nightspots, through illegal downloads and illegal CD/DVD copies. The complaints have been made about infringing acts in cities around the country. 

Individuals from Parliamentary Commission 10 (which covers IPR issues) as of late said they had revealed the encroachments so as to meet the necessity of the new Copyright law that conventional grievances should have been documented. They officially asked the Police Criminal Investigation group Bareskrim (Barisan Reserse Kriminal) to follow up on these cases

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The police have noticed that they are devoted to working with the Department for the Creative Economy on a team to fight against copyright encroachments. Numerous neighborhood performers and superstars got together with the Recording Industry Association of Indonesia, the Artists and Singers and Songwriters Association of Indonesia, and the Indonesian Forum for Music to help this progression.

Thus, the commitment has now been set on the police to research. Figuring out the real story, what has been documented is a lot of general protests with little proof, however ideally, this is sufficient for the police to begin their own examinations. This will be a genuine police test.

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