Industrial Design

It might be no surprise a large part of the world’s designs are made by people who made designing their profession. Using their acquired knowledge and experience, they can spend their 40-hour work weeks on nothing but drafting what might be the next revolutionary Industrial Design. But once a designer finishes his ingenious plans at […]

Industrial Design rights are granted to restrict the use of designs by parties not being authorized by the rightsholder to do so. But can applicants for such rights simply submit a simple drawing of their products? Or is a more detailed, technical scheme required? And to which extent does the registration of a design protect […]

The ins and outs of license agreements

  • By: Tim Slingschröder
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Having your Intellectual Property registered on your behalf grants you the exclusive right to use it in trade and commerce. However, as your mark, design or patent grows in popularity, using it might become an interesting possibility for parties willing to pay for it. Such use can be arranged by the establishment of a License […]