5 Mistakes of Trademark Registration You Should Avoid

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“Should you brand name your business?” that is an inquiry all entrepreneurs could relate when beginning a business in Indonesia. The appropriate response may shift from individual to individual by and large.

Business owners will gain benefit from trademark registration when doing business in Indonesia. Why? Because it is a company asset. It will protect your ide, creation, and business and its intellectual property (IP) for the long run.

Organizations with a similar name can manage everything well until the brand name game starts. We should take a case with IKEA—the Swedish furniture goliath—who lost the brand name contest to PT Ratania Khatulistiwa, an Indonesian rattan furniture with its IKEA brand name enlisted in December 2013. IKEA is an abbreviation for Intan Khatulistiwa Esa Abadi, the name of the rattan organization’s author.

Despite the fact that IKEA has enrolled its brand name twice in 2006 and 2010, the Supreme Court actually governed against them on the choice. The explanation: IKEA had not effectively utilized its brand name for business purposes for three successive years.

Another case is “superman”, a chocolate wafer from siantar top. At the point when DC funnies record a claim against siantar top, they loses a brand name claim in Indonesia. An allure by DC Comics against the claim result was purportedly additionally dismissed by the Supreme Court in Indonesia for being foggy and hazy.

New organizations are showing up in the Indonesian market at remarkable rates, and the new 2016 Trademark Law has viably brought the bar down to reserve enrollment to encourage the market section. In spite of the fact that enlisting your brand name may be simple, it might now appear to be sufficiently dubious to cause your business to lose your brands.

Here are the 5 most common trademark registration Indonesia problem that your business should avoid at all costs.


Late enlistment of one’s brand name is such an ordinary practice as most entrepreneurs are uncertain of the correct planning. “As quickly as time permits” is the thing that a business ought to do once the business is ready for action. As in Indonesia, brand name enlistment utilizes a “first-start things out served” premise, the principal candidate will get the brand name. So in the event that you go to the second, your extraordinary brand name may have just been “seized”.


The significance of exploring the market, understanding the brand name laws, and researching the foundation of a comparable brand name can’t be over-accentuated for your business in Indonesia. You may be on an inappropriate side of the law by unexpectedly utilizing others’ business brand names.


We comprehend that spending control is one of the significant parts of any business activity. What’s more, it’s evident that brand name enlistment could at times be both tedious and cost-serious. In any case, a brand name is the way, if not by any means the only way, to ensure your business resource and profit by the powers of globalization. Instead of considering brand name to be a cost, we should break new ground and consider it to be a speculation for your business’ drawn out development and success.


Swedish IKEA furniture goliath losing its image to a nearby business in Indonesia is one exemplary case. Entrenched unfamiliar organizations would think their famous image names would carry out the responsibility itself without utilizing their brand name in Indonesia. This is absolutely deceptive and your pre-supposition of “well known brand represents itself with no issue” may cost you your image and notoriety out and out—use it or lose it.


Many entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, don’t understand what establishes as a proprietary advantage or classification. Entrepreneurs thusly at times unveil a lot of their business data, for example, client profiles, circulation channels, promoting system, and deals execution. By giving everything away, organizations may lose their serious edge once their “mystery ingredient” is out and trademarked by the competitors.

Here in FOXIP, we dedicated to preventing those things that happen to your business.

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